1492: Conquest of Paradise/1992 /154min.



今天帶兒子與MIKE一起看這部片子,雖然很久前看過,再看一次仍是感動萬分。內容是哥倫布(義大利語:Cristoforo Colombo,1451年8月或10月-1506年5月20日),探險的故事,內容包括:西班牙宗教法庭、薩拉曼卡大學(Universidad  de  Salamanca)、伊莎貝拉女王收復格拉納達、塞維亞港口出航、聖瑪麗號、Guanahani Is….。






法國演員Gérard Depardieu 演哥倫布,演技精湛。佩服…….



   還要記一筆,主題曲1492: Conquest of Paradise ,怎麼這麼耳熟!好聽!





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Despite the picture's dismal box office intake in the United States, the film's score by renowned composer Vangelis became a successful album worldwide. Its main theme, Conquest of Paradise, was used by former Portuguese Prime-Minister António Guterres at his 1995 election and is used by the Portuguese Socialist Party as its anthem since then. The theme is also used by New Zealand Super 14 Rugby Franchise, the Crusaders as they run onto the field, often accompanied by actors dressed as knights and riding on horseback and rugby league team Wigan Warriors who play in Super League. The theme was also played before the start of every match in 2010 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket tournament as well as the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. In these events the theme was played right before the national anthems of the two competing nations, as the flags of the two nations were carried into the ground, along with the players of the two teams. The German boxer Henry Maske (former world champion (IBF) in the Light heavyweight category) used the main theme as his official entry theme during his professional career.






●In their resulting Cosmographiae Introductio, printed on April 25, 1507, appear these famous words (as translated from the original Latin; see below) written most likely by one of the two poet-scholars involved in the project: "But now these parts [Europe, Asia and Africa, the three continents of the Ptolemaic geography] have been extensively explored and a fourth part has been discovered by Americus Vespuccius [a Latin form of Vespucci's name], as will be seen in the appendix: I do not see what right any one would have to object to calling this part after Americus, who discovered it and who is a man of intelligence, [and so to name it] Amerige, that is, the Land of Americus, or America: since both Europa and Asia got their names from women" 


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